BCG’s founding directors share a profound passion for philanthropy, and agreed early on that a percentage of the company's profits would be donated to charity every year. The directors are particularly committed to making a difference within their local community in Bloomsbury.
HVH Arts
A Gateway to the Arts

HVH Arts

Mark is the founder and chairman of HVH Arts, a charity that provides a gateway to the arts for young people from deprived backgrounds. It inspires a love of the arts through free after-school classes, workshops and scholarships, developing young people’s confidence and creativity. The charity is named in tribute to Mark's great-grandfather, Sir Hubert von Herkomer, an eminent Victorian artist and pioneer of the social realism movement.
HVH Arts
Football for Disadvantaged Groups


In 2018 Mark set up Bloomsbury Football, which provides free football coaching to young people from traditionally disadvantaged groups. Operating under the ethos ‘Everyone is Welcome’, the charity harnesses the life-changing power of football to transform young people’s mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Founded on Mark’s belief that the benefits of team sports should be available to every child, Bloomsbury Football now works with over 5,000 children – including 1,500 girls – every week.
Bloomsbury Football
Supporting a range of charities


As the son of legendary entertainer Dave Lee, founder of the Dave Lee Happy Holidays Charity, Justin has inherited a deep-rooted sense of service to the community. He regularly takes on extraordinary endurance challenges to raise money for sick and disabled children.

In 2020, Justin swam the English Channel having trained in his children’s paddling pool during lockdown. His swim raised £40,000 for leukaemia charities and the NHS. He has subsequently raised over £30,000 for Windchimes, a charity that offers residential breaks to disabled children in Kent.